Each day is never the same. We see opportunities where others sees a roadblock. Working in a agile way and foster autonomous teams, iThing deliver on their promises.

We work for a Greener, Simpler and Effective tomorrow.

Our Advantages and services

We're an product development company, specializing in customized electronics and software. Our mission is to engage business opportunities on a global scale with electronical engineering services for all types of product concepts. Our roots are deep within the Automotive and Information Technology industry from each corner of Sweden. We are proud to extend our well known history of skilled engineering techniques and innovative mindset to our customers.

Technology edge

We believe in technology. Investing in the latest and right technology for your company is how you can manage an effective business with high quality.

ROI Awareness

Afraid technology investment can be expensive and none profitable? We make sure our work gives back. All we do has Return-of-Investment awareness.

History and Background

With over 25 years of progressive and responsible experience, we feel confident in showing our customers how we can bring value to their business.

We are always here

We never left. We will never be gone or unavailable. Our core business rule is trust.

Digitalization is our core business


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